Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Savvy Spender

Thanks to my amazing friends on social media {I mean, seriously, how did we answer life's most perplexing issues before Facebook?}, I was encouraged to have a good pair of running shoes and also directed to a website where I could have those $160 shoes for $104 with FREE SHIPPING. 

Check out Running Warehouse, and if you go through the button on Skinny Runner, you can save an additional 10%! 

I'm soaking in all the running tips I can right now, especially after buying new shoes.  The guy at the shoe store told me I can get a year's use out of the same shoes, but I'm learning that there is a certain amount of mileage I can put on before they've worn out.  Typically 300-500 miles, depending on the person, the way they run, where they run, etc.  So, I'll start keeping a record of how many miles my new/cheaper/awesome for my high arches shoes are used.  Skinny Runner suggested writing a note and placing it in the shoe when you're done, so you know exactly how much wear you have on them before you even start.

I'm beginning to sound like a real runner.  Who would have ever thought!

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