Monday, February 6, 2012

A Confession and A Compliment

Confession: I dove headfirst off the wagon at the Superbowl party. 

No one pushed me, there wasn't a bump or anything.  I saw Salmon Artichoke Dip and I just willingly dove head first off the wagon.  I really stayed pretty close to good, despite the 2.5 cookies I ended the night with.  I dipped veggies in the dip instead of crackers -- that counts for something, doesn't it?  I also stuck close to my homemade, baked chicken nuggets, but the buffalo sauce I made was just too good, so I ate a lot of them. 

No regrets.  I had a good time.  I ate good food.  And I'm working out every day until weigh in.

I got a really nice compliment at MOPS today.  We were discussing our ages, and I was asked what mine was.  I asked them to guess, and the reply was "26".  TWENTY SIX was almost 7 years ago, as I'll be 33 next month.  It was a really nice compliment and really helped perk up my day. 

I even remembered it mid-run on the treadmill tonight when I was thisclose to giving up before my second 3 minute run was over.  It definitely helped.  :)

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