Saturday, January 14, 2012


Shame on me. 

I totally adopted the "Well, I already messed up today, so I might as well go ahead and eat....." mantra for the last few days.  Even now, when we were coming home and I had a chance to redeem myself, I sit here with my second glass of wine tonight -- right next to the open container of pretzels that I've had far too many of already. 

The wine was worth the shame, though, as it's only my 3rd glass since NYE.  And for me, that's a miracle. 

I feel like crap, though.  I mean, really feel like crap.  I have been feeling so good about my food choices and eating as close to whole as I possibly could, and honestly my body feels heavier after 2.5 days of crap eating than it has in weeks.  I could have possibly planned better for our time away, but with only a microwave to cook with, and a limited budget, junk food was the easiest and cheapest way to feed our family.

No wonder our country is so obese. 

I really do believe that whole, organic foods are the best thing we can feed ourselves.  And without actual research and studies to cite, I believe that food dyes, additives, and preservatives are killing us.  I pay a fortune to cook at home every month -- so much so that Extreme Couponers would likely grasp their chests in disbelief -- and I don't care.  My kids WILLINGLY choose "grow foods" over junk food, and THAT is something that will go with them all their lives.  It's worth the price tag for me, so I feel no shame in that.

I am definitely detoxing my body of junk and shame come tomorrow.  This is not a good place to be!

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