Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bathing Suits in Mommyland

My family and I are enjoying a much needed, much appreciated vacation from life at Great Wolf Lodge, courtesy of my generous mother in law.  We only had to drive 40 minutes to get here, and we made it as a surprise to our unsuspecting kids.  We told them we were stopping here to use the bathroom and they were so excited to see the water park they asked if we could come back and stay for a night.  We replied with, "No, not one night.  How about two?"  They're so young they didn't get it, but when they finally caught on it was jumps of joy and smiles of delight from the both of them.

Here, in what I'm referring to as Mommyland because you pretty much don't come here if you don't have kids, all of us are the same. Well, almost all of us.  All of  us have to be in our bathing suits with the kids in the water, whether we like it or not.  I took careful notice of all the other Moms in tankinis with the same leftover baby bulge rightaroundthemidlle that I had.  For once, I didn't feel bad about myself like I do at the beach with flat bodies all over the place. There was no shame in my Mommy body around so many more who were just like me.  

I'm not sure who invented the tankini, but I would veture a guess that most every Mom in the Great Wolf Lodge swim area would love to thank them as much as I would.  What a great way to cover up the bad and still look cute.  Can I get an amen?

OH!  And today was my weekly weigh in -- I was down 1.4 more pounds!  I say WAS because I'm sure this week will be different.  I already went into my Weekly Points after our pizza, breadsticks and salad dinner.  And I might just send my husband to the bar for a glass of wine here in a minute.  And I don't care.  I'm on vacation.

Do me a favor and don't remind me that I said that at next weigh in.


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