Monday, January 16, 2012

Fitbit Original

I was given a Fitbit Original by my BFF who decided to upgrade to the Fitbit Ultra a few months ago.  I was super excited to receive and set it up, and in just 2 days I have fallen completely in love.  This thing tracks my every step, tells me (via graphs on its website) how active I've been throughout the day, and even tracks my sleep patterns -- it's basically a pedometer on steroids.

Apparently, my daily goal is to walk 10,000 steps.  I was sure I could accomplish that because I'm on my feet all day chasing small people and cleaning the house (which, never seems to end).  Imagine my surprise when I only accomplished about 7,000 steps by the end of my first full day with the Fitbit.  Although, I did no exercise yesterday, so I guess that's where one would make up the other 3,000 steps. 

Well, today I more than made up for it with my Zumba and 2 mile run/walk combination.  I walked in the door from the Y and checked my pedometer - 13,259 steps today.  5,000 of those came from just my run/walk alone.  Talk about motivation. 

This thing was just what I needed to get going after a horrible fall from the wagon over (and after) vacation.

I'm currently on the hunt for my first 5k run in the coming months!  And as much as I hate the actual act of running, I'm getting very excited as the thought of participating (and finishing) an actual race.


Amber said...

Wow that thing sounds fantastic! Good job moving, my beautiful friend! Love you!

Chrissy said...

Great. Now I need a Fitbit.

Leah said...

It is worth it, Chrissy! And the Ultra has even more awesome features than the one I have!