Saturday, December 31, 2011


Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest, I have been compiling a huge amount of work out ideas, inspirational quotes, and motivational pictures for months. Since I spent more time pinning than actually doing anything helpful to get healthy, I guess the quote that would describe me best during the last year is, "I want to lose 10 pounds, but I don't want to diet or exercise to do it."

When I recommitted myself on WW the other day, I decided to spend some time looking over these things to give me the boost I needed to WANT to stay on program. I realize that I am in no way "overweight", and according to Health Status, I am withing my normal weight range even now, but I want to be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. I haven't felt good about myself since The Little One was born over 3 years ago. I am squishy, flabby, and have a belly reminiscent of my second trimester with each baby.

The "pin" that changed outlook on losing these 15 pounds was this photo:

Those are my current before demensions, and that's pretty much where I want to end up in my "after". Clicking on that particular picture led me to a website FULL of Before & After pictures. I spent an hour just looking at the progress of hundreds of people who worked hard to lose weight. Sometimes the pictures would show a small weight loss of 15 or 20 pounds, sometimes the weight loss was 100 pounds or more.

Since then, I have spent a little time each day looking at Before & After photos as a way to keep me on the program. It's exciting because I really WANT to stay on track, and thankfully The Husband doing WW, too, is helping to keep me motivated.

Tonight is NYE and I can't wait to say goodbye to 2011, but this year we won't be celebrating with greasy, yucky food. I'm making Chicken Rollatini for dinner, and am saving enough points to enjoy a glass or two of wine with my honey as we ring in the New Year (honestly, we'll probably be sleeping before midnight - 6 am with Little People comes WAY too fast if you stay up that late!)

Here's to reaching the goals we set in 2012!

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