Monday, May 17, 2010

Official Weigh In Day

At the Weight Watchers center today my official weigh in was 159.6 -- which was much nicer to see than 160, despite their being less than half a pound away from each other. Accepting a 15- number is easier than a 16-.

I did well with my eating today and almost decided to make this my comeback day On Program, except that I went to dinner at my Godfather's house tonight. Let me explain why I decided to wait -- he has a personal chef who made us the most delicious heavy cream laden dinner I've ever had. Bleu Cheese and pecan stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon and some kind of risotto that made my heart flutter. And, to top that off, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that likely cost more than my electric bill did this month.

So, I thought it was worth it to push my start date back one more day.

I DID work out today, which is the key for me keeping my stress level down. My Mom has Comcast OnDemand with the best selection of workouts to choose from. Today, sadly, I did the Kim Kardashian Butt Workout from her Fit In Your Jeans By Friday series. It's misleading because Kim only does the workout next to a trainer, but it's awesome because she complains as much as I do during the exercise.

Tomorrow will be the start to getting this whole thing together, and no matter how often I get invited to chef prepared dinners, I'm going to stick to this.

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