Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Resurrection of Sorts

I've decided to revive this blog in an attempt to get myself back on track. Since November, I've reached my goal of 153, and have found myself back at 160 this morning after weeks of emotional eating and stress. I can't get a handle on anything at the moment, so I'm hoping that journaling my progress will help me stay on the straight and narrow.

I am currently playing single parent to my two kids as we live with my Mom for the next 3 months. The husband is away in California for training until August and the thought of being alone in Alabama for that time was enough to make me cringe, so we packed up and came "home" for the summer.

In the weeks prior to our leaving, the universe seemed content with dumping as much crap on us as possible. Our car window was blown out by a bb gun shot while I was at work, our computer crapped out on us, my Gramma died much sooner than we thought she would, a week later my Aunt (who my Gramma lived with) died in her sleep. Then, my husband left for 3 months, my son got strep throat and ended up in the ER with a 105 temperature, all while my daughter is battling a "horrible" ear infection, according to her nurse.

All of this sounds like a bunch of excuses to eat like crap -- and I did just that. Plus, my Mom likes to make sure I always have wine in the house, which doesn't help, but I love her for it. I also went from working my butt off at a restaurant 4 nights a week to not being able to find a moment to work out. 6 pounds in a month is just ridiculous, though.

So, here I am. Back at square one. Thankfully, there are a ton of WW centers around, so I can go and weigh in and be held accountable for what I'm doing. I picked up a 3 month tracker, and my goal is to be 150 in time for my husband's arrival in August. I also plan on looking better than I have by throwing myself into exercising to deal with my stress. I want him to drool when he sees me...that's the ultimate goal.

AND - I posting this blog to Facebook, so that everyone I know can read it and ask me how I'm doing. There's nothing like embarrassing myself in order to lose weight.

Countdown - 12 weeks to go.

Let's do this.


Amber said...

I love you. You will do this, and I will be so happy to see your victorious results.

Anonymous said...

You've got this. I know you are a VERY strong woman and Mom.
HUGS! When you're back . . let me know. There will still be a lot going on down here.

Leah said...

Thanks, girls! Encouragement is welcome and needed! :)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

You can do whatever you set your mind too!

Three Little Bows Boutique said...

You can do it! Are you going to do the Master Cleanse first? That will help alleviate the sweet tooth cravings lol
I'm on day 1 and I'm starving since my stomach still needs to shrink down to adjust. Between this and 30 Day Shred, Andrew better be happy lol