Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Have you ever actually read the fine print on a Weight Watchers commercial when they're running a "Free Registration" sale? Right there on the bottom it says "In participating areas only". Heck, it even says it on their website, right under the "FREE REGISTRATION" banner, but in little, tiny print.

I don't know about you, but I've never really run into a franchise that didn't participate in the nationally advertised specials - ever. I just automatically assumed that businesses would want to do that.

Imagine my surprise when I called my ONLY local Weight Watchers center to find out about their meetings and discovered that they, IN FACT, are not one of the participating centers in the current FREE REGISTRATION special ($35 savings). The worst part is, that last year when my husband wanted to join, they weren't doing it during the advertised special either.

So, I got a little snarky with the woman at the center and told her this was our second attempt at joining during a special in which they did not participate, and wanted to know why. She answered that they run their "own specials and promotions". I wondered, aloud of course, how people were supposed to know about THEIR specials and promotions, when it didn't coincide with what Weight Watchers was actually doing.

She had no answer.

It's just irritating. I know they are a franchise and don't have to participate, but they are the only real center in town. There's one meeting way the heck across town at a church one night per week. I would just think that they would be open to helping residents of this area become members of a great organization.


I found a loophole that will get me back in for only the $13 fee. While going room to room and purging all my junk, I found my Lifetime Member card! I haven't seen it since 2007 and NOW I can go to the center and weigh in and attend meetings.


Take that.

I'm going back to meetings starting tomorrow, so I can get on program and stay on it!!

I implore you to call your local center and see if they are participating, and if they are, go on in and give it a try. Totally worth it!

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