Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weightloss ADD

I'm coining a new phrase and a new disorder. I'm calling it "Weightloss ADD" because I truly believe I'm suffering from it. I can't pay attention to staying on track to SAVE. MY. LIFE.

I'm not eating crap foods, but I can't devote the time necessary to staying on program. I forget to track my points, which in turn is causing me to eat more than I normally would because I am friggin hungry. I grab myself something quick to eat in between playing train with The Big Little One, feeding The Little Little One, and climbing out from under the massive mountain of laundry I need to get done.

I'm almost ready to resign myself to keeping these last few pounds on until I'm done breastfeeding.

The good news is that I started to take some time for myself during the day. When #2 goes down for her first nap, #1 watches Noggin in my room so I can do my Shred workout. I feel really good about it, even though I plop my kid in front of the TV. Doing something for myself has given me a bit of a lift.

All I have is excuses these days, huh?

Where should I draw my motivation from? What do I do to really take myself seriously? Do I give up trying so hard and see what happens, or do I kick myself in the arse to get going? I keep starting up and stopping and it's driving me nuts. I'm no motivator, that's for sure.

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