Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long Weekend

I love when my husband has long weekends, but I get so screwed up with my days and schedule that I forget that the week actually started. I did weigh in yesterday at 164.2 a measly loss of .6 pounds. I guess I shouldn't say measly considering I didn't track my points for a couple days, and a loss is a loss and all that crap, but man, it's one of my smallest ones as yet.

I am super jealous of my husband these days. He's getting up at the butt crack of dawn (4:30) and driving downtown to swim with a college team so he can get back in shape. He swam through high school and got a full ride scholarship to college (before he decided that drinking was more important than actually going to class, but I digress), and he's also the coach of the kids team on base here. He is a great swimmer and he loves it.

The little green monster in me is poking her head out and saying "Holy crap, woman. You can't even get in a 25 minute DVD everyday, and he's gonna be in shape in no time. No fair!" I even told him how jealous I was the other day, and he tried so hard to help me come up with ways to get time to myself so I can workout, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.

My solution - hopefully - is pretty simple now that the baby is back on a "schedule". Since she is waking to eat around 4:30, I can feed her, put her back down and start my day with a workout then. I will have a quiet house and no interruptions. I can do my workout, get showered and dressed before the kids even wake up.

And then I will fall into bed and pass out by 9ish every night.

Seems doable, right? I'm a big talker, I just have to put things into action. I have to make time for myself at some point during the day. I'm all about doing things for everyone else - and I just have to make getting back into shape a priority!

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