Monday, October 27, 2008

Day #5

I love how I can be totally on track with my eating and points counting and the second the husband comes home and suggests dining out I immediately see a plate of gooey cheese fries and a juicy burger in my mind. Hmm, this must be why I've been content with the extra fat I've been carrying around.

I didn't eat a big plate of gooey cheese fries OR a burger tonight. We went to the hibachi restaurant and I very carefully ate as little as I possibly could stand. I downed the broth soup, which I imagined to be 2 points or less, and the salad to try to fill myself up before my giant sized plate (it was seriously huge) was overflowing with fried goodness. Thankfully, The Big Little One decided that he was going to have a meltdown as soon as the fan in the hood went on, so I was distracted from eating to try to calm him down. It worked and I brought home a completely full take out box. It felt good to be the only one at the table who hadn't cleaned their Jupiter sized plate.

I can't know for absolute sure how many points it cost me, but according to what my Complete Food Guide had for hibachi, I used every last point I had leftfor the day -- 22. I don't think I really ate that much, to be honest, but just watching him bathe the food in oil and butter added about 2 inches to my waistline.

It's funny how much the husband and I are alike when it comes to food. He had a horrendous day and with the impending dental surgery he has tomorrow, he wanted to eat a huge comforting meal. I've been trying to avoid any stress (ha, with two kids under two...riiiiight) that puts me in that kind of "food mood", but it never fails that if he wants to be bad, so do I. I was really proud of myself for not overindulging just because we were out.

I am avoiding posting my "Before/Never Again" pictures for two reasons:

  1. The husband is the worst photographer known to man and managed to make me look even more horrible than I feel.
  2. I haven't had the time to crop and resize them. Believe don't want to ever see a huge picture of your fat self staring back from the computer screen.

I will set the self timer tomorrow while the husband is in his Vicodin induced haze and hopefully will get them out there for the world to see.


Amber said...

If you can't do your before pictures alone, I don't mind helping you, even though it wouldn't be until next week.

Good for you for being aware *and preoccupied* at the restaurant! I'm the same way with my hyper-metabolizing husband. If he eats ice cream or wants a burger or candy or whatever, I want it, too, dammit! (which is why I have a super saggy tummy and fat thighs. LOL.)

We can do it, L!

Mary H. said...

Love your blog. Good job staying within your points eating out. I, too, have a hard time staying OP when the hubby is home.