Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day #4

Sundays are rough.

More specifically, Sunday MORNINGS are rough. I must wake up at 6:30, after having been up for an hour at 4am for a feeding, to start getting myself and 3 other people ready for church. Inevitably, something goes wrong and our attempts to get out the door before 8am are thwarted.

Because it's so hectic, even with my husband's help, sometimes all I get in my body for nourishment is my one cup of coffee. Today was one of those days. While feeding the little little one, I asked my helpful husband if he could pop an English Muffin (1 point) in the toaster for me and top it with ICBINB so I could scarf it down with my free hand. The muffin went in the toaster, toasted, and then sat there until our return at 11 am. As you can probably guess, I was friggin starving by the time we got to Walmart to pick up groceries. Thankfully, I stayed on program and ate one of the bananas we got for Brady. Score.

For an easy Sunday dinner, we picked up a package of Johnsonville Italian Sausage and frozen generic Steak Fries. I dang near passed out when I found that ONE sausage would cost me 7 points - sans bun. The bun was another 2. Guess I was only having one sausage. Much to my delight, the generic steak fries were only 2 points for 10! I treated myself to one and a half servings just 'acause I could. I added some leftover green beans for good measure and had myself a 12 point dinner.

I'm having a problem getting in all my water -- as usual. I honestly believe that drinking Crystal Light should be the equivalent, but alas, there are calories in there. So I keep chugging away.

No exercising today, unfortunately. However, I got some good quality cuddling with the husband while both kids napped so I could care less.

Here's my Food Triumph for today. The big little one, who is quite a good eater, was noshing on his baked steak fries at dinner when I offered him a bite of my green beans. My child put.down.the.fry and ate the beans instead. Can you believe that? My kid chose healthy over kind-of-healthy-just-not-as-bad-as-fried. I have taught him well. I guess it really does start that early.

Tomorrow I will post my "BEFORE" pictures. Fat Leah is on her way out, so get ready to say Bye-bye.

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Amber said...

Yay for little man making good choices! Isn't it funny that kids do what they are taught? It's so sad that as kids so many of us (with weight issues now) were taught that easy was fantastic, no matter what the nutritional content was.

Just think, come the springtime, when we are able to take weekend trips, we are going to be SMASHING. Even more than right now. ;)