Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Well, here it is. My first weight loss blog. I stole the idea from Amber, who writes so eloquently, because I thought that maybe if I sat down and wrote about trying to lose this weight it would keep me accountable to what I'm eating. Just one more way to help me get these pounds off, and if people are reading about how much I actually weigh, I might be scared enough to stick to my goals!

Okay. Here goes.

I gained (gasp) 47 pounds during my pregnancy with the little little one, which put me at 200 pounds when I had her.

There. I said it. And now I want to shrink into a corner and hide.

Thankfully, I have managed to lose 26 pounds thus far, but it's been a struggle to get that far. I am breastfeeding and I was so eager to be one of those women who had the weight magically fall off just because I was doing so.

Guess what? It didn't happen. Damn those magazines for getting my hopes up.

I started counting my Weight Watchers points again on Thursday and quickly found out that even though 35 points sounds like a butt load, it's really not that much. I actually have to dip into my Flex Points almost every night to satisfy my hunger pains. Being a human cow will do that to you, I guess.

I am very unhappy with the way I look, and while I realize I just had a baby 10 weeks ago, I feel like crap about it. You have to realize that at 5'10" tall I was wearing a size 4 just 3 years ago and now it's all I can do to get out of my sweats! I sold most of my cute "small girl" clothes this summer at my garage sale and I wanted to cry each time someone took them away. I know, after losing all the weight from my pregnancy with Brady, that my body is totally different now and size 4 is no longer an option for this Mom, but I want to feel good in my skin again.

So, there you have it. I weigh in on Wednesday mornings and my WW week starts on Thursdays. This week I was 174.4. Yuck. We'll see what next week brings. Hopefully I can keep on track.


Amber said...

Leah, I am proud of you! It's hard to put it all out there, but it's so cathartic. I weigh in on Thursdays, so we're right there with each other.

Big hugs! You can and WILL do this!

Oh, and I encourage you (even if you don't post 'em here) to take before pictures. It's really encouraging to see your body changes over the weeks.

Alicia said...

Hey Leah,
I had Anna 6 weeks ago and am starting to feel panicked about getting started....but still can't stop eating. I have been looking for a WW meeting in PR but I can't find one in English or nearby. Not that it would matter with 4 kids and my DH gone half of every week.
I am at 178 and WISHING I was 174.4....I am in this fight with you!!
Alicia (A_Marie) from coastiechicks

Anonymous said...

You are my hero. Seriously! You are! Because of you, I am going to get my big ass up, and do something about how I feel about myself, instead of just complaining all the time about it! I do want to tell you though, that you are absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL no matter what size you are, but the most important thing is how you feel about yourself, and I'm so proud of you for putting it all out there, and taking the steps you feel you need to take so you can look in the mirror, and be happy with what you see! I love you!!