Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Weigh Day

I almost didn't do it.  I almost asked for a "gimme" this week after my failed attempt to get back on track.  I didn't want to see the damage because, let's be honest, I didn't really stand a chance this week - my girly times were approaching AND we had 3 days of Valentine's parties {READ: Candy bags} to get through?  Yeah.  The fail on that was epic.

The damage is done, though.  158.8  Ugh.

The positives?  I'm not back in the 160s.  I managed to stick only to Hersey Kisses for the chocolate I craved.

The negatives?  I was totally unmotivated, crabby and ravenous.  I only worked out once this week -- and I gave up during my run.  {Slacker}  And, I can really pack on a few pounds when I try/don't try.

Oh well.  Onward and upward.

I'm picking out my new shoes tomorrow afternoon and plan to hit the gym to break them in on Saturday morning.

Here's to a new week!


Marci said...

You did one more day than I did this week!!! Let's hit it hard next week!!! I'll hold you accountable if you hold me accountable. We're heading to MI tomorrow so when I get back it's game on. We'll start with Zumba!

Leah said...

You got it, sister. <3 I'm ready to get back on my game!