Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm happy to report that since Thursday, I've logged 6 miles on the treadmill.  For three different days at the gym, 6 miles seems a little laughable.   But it's 6 more miles than I've ran -- well, almost ever, I guess.  And I'm pretty proud of it.

I had it in mind to go for my run outside today.  I thought surely if everyone else could do it in 38 degree weather when the sun was shining, so could I. 

I was wrong. 

See, you need gear to run in the winter.  Gear I don't have, and probably won't ever get.  So, I drove the 8 mile round trip to run 2 miles on the treadmill.  Economical?  No.  Warm?  Yes.

Today's run was just a little bit easier than the last two, too.  I didn't huff and puff as much, and when my Couch to 5k App told me to switch to "a brisk walk" after my run interval, I actually couldn't believe a whole minute of running had gone by.  Right now I'm running at a 5.2mph pace, which isn't marathon material, I'm sure, but it's better than sitting on the couch.  My "brisk walk" is at 3.8mph right now and I'm hoping to up both numbers in the coming weeks.

I'm not exactly racking up the activity points with this interval training right now, but I'm sure it will get me the results I want in order to succeed in reaching my goal -- to make it through the Half Marathon without being picked up by the "pace bus". 


SMiLeD said...

The girls in fihav were worried when you disappeared, glad everythingnisbok!


Leah said...

Sorry, Mary! I didn't want to make a huge dramatic post about putting myself in detox, so I just did it. LOL. I won't be gone long, I just needed to refocus for a bit. Tell them I'll be back very soon!