Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big News and a Restaurant Victory

After 3 long years of working hard and trying harder, Patrick found out yesterday that he made the cut to advance in rank!  There were good tests, there were not so good tests, and this past November he finally knocked it out of the park and we've been waiting for a month to find out whether or not he would get the promotion.  When he called I cried tears of joy, apparently on speakerphone for several of his coworkers to hear.  Oh well.  Just call me a proud wife.

We decided to go out and celebrate because he wanted {and earned!} a steak.  His 50 point target everyday could easily handle a filet, but since I took my kids to McDonald's as a treat after my son's excellent report from his conference, I was down to about 4 remaining points for the day.  Who knew that the French Fries at McD's were 10 points?  I should have checked that before I ate them.  Thank God I've been working out. 

At Longhorn Steakhouse, I was able to stay on track with Sierra Chicken {10 points}, a salad {4 for the dressing since I removed the cheese and croutons} and veggies with no butter.  I didn't touch the bread and I avoided any contact with beverages of an alcoholic nature. 

I realize that yesterday we rewarded ourselves with food on two occasions, but it's not a habit that we are perpetual at, so really, I'm okay with it.  If we're making good food choices for our family 99% of the time and my kids choose veggies and fruit over junk consistently, then I feel we're sending a pretty good message.  Food sustains us, good food makes us healthy, and every once in a while, a treat is a welcomed thing. 

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