Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Year Later...

Last November I posted about finding The 30 Day Shred from a favorite website of mine. If you read the entries afterward, I tried off and on for a little while to get going on that workout, butI never made it beyond the Level One workout. (Unless you count the time I peeked at the Level Two section, just to see.)

That is, until today!

I FINALLY got up the gumption to try it, and while I didn't make it through without stopping, it sure did make me work up a sweat. Those were some of the toughest moves I've ever done. And honestly, I feel fantastic!

I've been doing the video at least 4x a week for the last 2 weeks, and at the instruction of my cardiologist I am to increase that to 7 days.


He is not at all concerned with my weight, but he wants my heart to get the most use that it can. He feels that it will strengthen it better than any medication can, and I totally agree with that. So, I'm using doctor's orders as my reason to get this weightloss/body toning train into gear. That's a better reason than any other reason I can come up with.

I'll post my "Before" shots tomorrow. They were taken about 6 weeks ago when I started to get "semi" serious about this, but they still count. (I have more excuses than I know what to do with, don't I?)

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