Thursday, November 6, 2008

30 Day Shreddin' It

Over at my favorite Coastie wife webstie, another member mentioned the workout called 30 Day Shred. She said it was the best workout she'd ever done and it was 20-ish minutes long. I've been looking for a workout that could deliver results without a 45 minute to hour long commitment because, let's be honest, what mother of two under 2 has that kind of time? Heck, I can barely find the time to commit to going to the bathroom most of the day. So, being totally addicted to buying home workout programs, I went out and got the DVD today so I could join in on the fun.

After needing to be a stinkin' rocket scientist to open the package, I popped in as soon as The Little Little One fell asleep in her swing. I turned The Wonder Pets on in my room for The Big Little One and off I went. The tightly toned women on the screen made me want to throw things at them, but it gave me hope that I could get there.

Four minutes into the workout I was sweating my arse off. I could barely breathe. Jillian Michaels is there in front of me telling me that, no, we can't take a break, we must push on if we want to have the greatest body alive. I kept trying to push through but I was starting to get lightheaded. I couldn't believe how awesome this workout was, but I also couldn't believe how much it freaking hurt! And to top it off, this was only LEVEL ONE!

I did NOT make it through without stopping, if you must know. I think I did half the work out to be completely honest. I spent the other half laughing at The Big Little One as he picked up my hand weights and was doing squats on his own. He was trying to do jumping jacks and kept repeating "Good job!". He's the best trainer I could've ever had.

I probably won't be doing the workout tomorrow as I can already feel my muscles screaming in pain. Actually, I should probably wait until we get back from our trip before I commit since I won't be able to do it back home.

Oh well, Jillian can wait to kick the crap out of me when I get back.

I'm actually really excited about this since it's not one of those goofy cardio dancing thing. I feel like such a dork doing those kinds of work outs, even in my own living room. I'm all for doing great cardio but acting like I can still dance is just completely out of the question.

Can't wait to really make the committment to this and hopefully get my body back in shape. It wasn't pretty doing jumping jacks and feeling my flabby belly bounce up and down with each movement. Ugh.

God only knows if I'll ever make it to Level Two!


Anonymous said...

What is this 30 day shred thing? What kind of video is it? Fill me in, and maybe I'll be on board.

ps. TOTALLY feel ya on the whole "body parts bouncing up and down thing." It sucks big time.....all the more reason for us to stick to this! YAY for us being awesome....and soon we'll be skinny and awesome! Love you!

THEhooahwife said...

You go girl! =) I'm impressed, I haven't worked out in ages, I never seem to be able to find the time and I miss it so much!

By the way, you had me cracking up with this line "Heck, I can barely find the time to commit to going to the bathroom most of the day."

Soooooo TRUE!!

Amber said...

Girl, good luck to ya! Sounds like a butt beating for sure.

I think I need to wait until I get all my doctor stuff figured out. I don't think I could do it right now. :(

Mary H. said...

Oh my goodness, I was cracking up when you wrote about your body parts bouncing up and down. Girl, I totally hear you. I might have to check out the video.