Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week from Hell...

I feel a bit like I've been through the wringer this week.

I had to write a legal sounding letter to our former landlord who is still holding our deposit, requesting that either she send us our full deposit within 10 days or we were taking her to small claims court for double the amount of deposit, as allowed by law. 35 days is the legal limit in this state in order to return security deposits to former tenants, OR provide them with an itemized list of witholdings to pay for damages. Neither of which she provided.

The landlord didn't "allow" us to be in the home upon move out inspection, didn't call us to follow up, and when my husband finally got a hold of her, she claims the carpet needed to be replaced over 2 small stains. Then, after we kept calling to check the status, she stopped returning our calls.

I am not the kind of person that would just let almost $1,000 go for no reason. She shouldn't have figured me for a fool, that's for sure. 36 days and a letter went out. Give us our full deposit or we'll take you to court. It's that simple.

Then, I found out that my heart issue that we thought might not be an issue at all, actually was an issue. And now because of it I have to have further testing and have started medication.

Oh. AND THEN, my husband's car went kaput. Just when we need it to work. Now, we'll have to take on a car payment that we weren't anticipating, which will hinder our plans to get out of debt by the end of next year.


The worst of it, though, is this damn heart problem. I. Am. Scared. We don't know yet what the whole issue is, and we don't know what to expect, but just the fact that there is something going on is enough to shake me to my core.

My Dad left us when I was 22, and I still haven't recovered from losing him. Plus, he died of a heart problem, so just the mere fact that I have an abnormal heart is making me crazy. I'm terrified of leaving my kids. I just can't do that to them. The fear is overwhelming right now, and until we know more, all I'll do is freak out.

So. This week led me to purchase my first bottle of wine in 3 weeks, and I'm glad it's over.

Except this weekend we started potty training.

Am I a glutton for punishment, or what?

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Jenny said...

Just wanted to say we are thinking and praying for you...much love:)

Oh and the answer is yes...potty training is for the birds:)