Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am a dork.

I recently was turned on to "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" and became an instant fan. I haven't watched every episode, but for the last couple of months I watched whatever came on Oxygen. I got hooked because it was funny to watch her with her two kids under 3, a life I live every.single.day -- minus the glitz and the glamour, of course.

I never used to like her, to be honest. I thought she was fake and pretentious, and despite the fact that I had seen every episode of 90120 and each TV movie she had filmed, I didn't think she had "earned" her acting chops on her own.

I was interested to read her books, so I picked up a copy of "sTORI Telling" yesterday after I got the call that it was in.

I didn't put it down until I went to bed, and finished it in under 24 hours.

It's the first thing I've completed in months.

All these projects I keep saying I'm going to do, and stopping and starting my weight loss, have left me kind of empty. I needed SOMETHING to do that I could start and finish clearly. Something I couldn't get distracted from easily and not go back to.

I actually found the time in a 22 hour span to read an entire book. That was an incredible feat for someone who spends most of her days wiping poopy butts and cleaning up after 3 other people. The most I ever do for myself is shower and put make up on!

So. This afternoon after I finished the last page, I realized that I CAN find the time do to things that I want to do. And I want to do more.

My very inspiring friend, Amber, loaned me her sewing machine for a while, and I'm determined to learn how to make things on it. I'm on the hunt for things that I can do to make me feel more productive and happy, and I'm not sure if sewing is it, but I'm gonna give it a try.

I feel really good today, too, because I was back on program this week and managed to lose 4 pounds! Back in the 150's baby. Suh. Weet.

Here's to new adventures, new projects, and completing them all!

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Zach and Beth said...

Good for you! May I suggest Bend the Rules Sewing? It's a great book for new sewers. That's what I started off with. I borrowed it from a friend. Perhaps you local library has it. I'm going to order my copy today, b/c my friend finally asked for it back.