Thursday, May 14, 2009

You must be joking...

I went out grocery shopping this morning with my 9 month old attached to me, and my 2.5 year old in the cart. My list was organized, I had my menu with me and I think I handled the whole thing with grace. Thankfully, The Big Little One cooperated the whole time, so it made the experience go rather smoothly.

Then came the time I had to unload the cart at the register -- with no extra hands from my husband to help. This was rather time consuming with an 18 pound baby attached to my chest, as I used one hand to hold the Bjorn close when I bent over, and the other to grab the food items. Thank GOD for the extra friendly and helpful cashier who was patient with us because otherwise it might've turned into a whine fest with a 30 year old woman pulling her hair out right there in line.

Emptying the cart to the car took a while and I checked my cell phone for the time. Uh-oh. It's lunch time and I still have to get home, get both kids in the house, unload the car, unpack the groceries, feed my hungry children AND find something to stuff in my mouth while I get the perishables into the fridge. Thank GOD for Gerber Puffs, which I'm pretty sure are laced with crack, because both of my kids chowed on them as I lugged bags in from the car.

Then, all hell broke loose. The puffs weren't holding their appetites down and I needed to get real food into them. Nuke leftover Ziti for the toddler, and steam some cut carrots for the baby. Done.

Now I have to figure out what in the world can I shove in my mouth to stop my stomach from growling?? Oh, those Yogurt Covered Raisins look healthy enough, I'll just grab a handful.


I just sat down to plug in my points and I am HORRIFIED to discover that that small handful of raisins cost me 7 POINTS!

I could have devoured a McDonald's cheeseburger for 7 dang points! Or a Wendy's Frosty, for crying out loud. Or Hummus and pita chips! Something more delicious and filling than a few tablespoons of crummy raisins.

I re-learned my lesson today about knowing what you eat before you eat it and not assuming that something might be healthy and lowfat. Wolf in sheep's clothing, that's what that was.

Now I only have 10 points for our steak salad dinner tonight. I'll be eating less steak, I guess!

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