Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Pizza Night!

What kind of place would you think of when you read the above statement? A bar, maybe? Local pizzeria, perhaps? Maybe even at a school for an event?


My dear friends, I walked into my gym tonight only to be pummeled by the aroma of delicious, ooey gooey, FREE pizza as soon as I got in the door. Yes, you read that right. At THE GYM. Not outside the gym, but right in between you and the machines you came to use to help you get rid of the fat that's been plaguing your life.

Thankfully, I had already eaten my whole wheat pasta with chicken, so I just stuck my earphones in, held my breath and walked up the stairs to the cardio machines.

I am all for eating as a way for socialization, but wow, pizza night at gym? That's not all, either. I saw a sign on the wall that read:

First Monday is Free Pizza Night, Second Tuesday is Free Bagel Morning!

What, what, what?

Don't these health nuts know that these foods are our downfall? Don't they know that each of those empty calories is what we come there looking to burn off with hours of cardio surrounded by strangers who smell as bad, if not worse, than we do? Why would they purposefully tempt us with such bad food when all we dream about is looking like the model on the cover of those magazines?

Tonight my willpower was tested and I'm pretty sure it passed.

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vascotts said...

At the gym we go to, they have big flat screen tv's behind the check in desk, and sure enough, every time I go to sign in, Food Network is blaring on the tv....usually Paula Dean cooking something delicious looking in tons of butter! These gym fanatics who work there just love to torture poor innocent people. I'm convinced.