Monday, March 16, 2009


I got a wild hare this weekend. Actually, I'm gonna call it a "wild hair". I was dreadfully sick and tired of my long, overgrown locks, so I went to the salon and got a shorter cut. I had actually thought about it and got myself some pictures of what I was thinking, so I guess it wasn't exactly spur of the moment, but when I make up my mind that I hate my hair I just gotta go and get something done.

The stylist I've been using had done a great job before, and seemed very excited when I showed her what I was thinking. She decided to keep it a little longer than I had asked for, just in case I wasn't really ready for a shoulder length cut. I thought that as a professional she might be able to look at my hair and what I had asked for and say "No, that might not work" - but she went ahead with eager scissors and gave me a cut that looks NOTHING like the picture I had given her.

So, now I hate my hair and will likely be keeping it up in a ponytail until the layers grow out, or I might just go back and have her hack off the length.

I really hate change.

I am fast approaching the end of my 20's (10 days to be exact) and I'm feeling a little old and Mom-ish, even though I am not wearing Mom Jeans. I thought a cute, sassy cut might make the transition into my 30's a little easier. I needed an excuse to find 30 minutes in my hectic morning to actually make myself look like a human being rather than throwing my wet mop into a bun and calling it a day.

I took a couple polls on my cut and most seem to think shorter would be cute, and The Husband has been eagerly saying he wants me to try it even shorter, so I'm weighing my options today and we'll see what I decide.

Speaking of weighing, I did just that this morning at I'm now at 158! Four pounds from my goal! It feels like this journey has taken forever but I feel good about how far I've come.

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