Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

I am sitting on my couch with my 2 year old at my feet. He SHOULD be napping, but he's all out refused to do that, so now he's forced to watch Studio B while I'm attempting an update.

Posting has been scarce due to the fact that the cord that powers my laptop has stopped working. Actually, it works when it feels like it, like right now. Thank God we paid for the warranty on this computer and a new cord is on it's way.

I weighed myself this morning because I have simply forgotten which day is my weigh in day since I have changed it so often. I keep going onto WW Online and restarting after I have a bad day. Despite it all, I'm down to 157.2 and am SO close to my goal weight.

I have tried to have an attitude overhaul lately and instead of picking myself apart when I look in the mirror, I have started looking for the good things. I spent some time on YouTube watching make-up tutorials and changed my routine a bit. Instead of hating how my haircut looks, I started wearing it up with clips and playing around with my bangs. I went out and got a few new Ts to wear, and I'm attempting not to leave my house in my husbands old shirts and raggedy sweats.

I am reading a daily devotional for mothers of preschoolers and that has helped with the mothering aspect of my life. I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed out a lot during the day, and I'm finding that if I focus on my "lesson" for the day I make things easier for myself and the little ones. My children will only be little for so long...

As a mouthy, know-it-all teenager, I always heard the phrase "You need an attitude adjustment, Leah!" from my father. I only hope that this is the kind of attitude he wanted me to have.

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