Friday, January 2, 2009

Making Paula Proud

Call me a liar. Call me a hypocrite. Call me whatever you want, but I've run out of excuses for myself. I'm down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself, and my food choices have reflected it immensely. I can't dig myself out of this hole.

I made Paula Deen very proud these last few days. I literally used 3 sticks of butter while cooking two different meals. I could feel it going straight to my hips, too, but I enjoyed every.single.morsel.

What do I do to get out of this weighloss slump? How do I get back on the right track?

I need accountablility. I need to pull myself up by the proverbial boot straps and give a damn. I need my husband to stop requesting meals in the "high caloric and hardly ever eaten" colum.

And I need the damn holidays to be over.

There, I said it. Now tell me to get up off my rear and do something about it!

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