Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What in the World? (AKA Wednesday Weigh In)

I stepped on the scale just now, at my regular time, and it said 169.4.

No, I am not kidding.

An official loss of .2 after the scale told me I had gained two pounds a few days ago. Holy crap.

I don't know how it happened. I was SO discouraged the other day when I weighed myself to see the Thanksgiving damage and now I'm totally stoked. Working out and drinking my water REALLY DOES help! Woo hoo!

Yesterday, Amber and I were discussing the question posted over at Roni's Weigh, which was whether or not you weigh yourself every day. The honest to God answer is - yes, I do. I'm a person obessessed, actually. I can't start my day without knowing what my weight is at. Even at my skinniest (146) I did it every day, almost like a confirmation that I really was seeing the right number.

Now, I feel as though weighing myself all the time keeps me accountable for what I ate. I'm not sure if the science is exact, but I can tell you that if I gained from the day before I will work harder that day to make sure I don't keep going up. Ridiculous as it may seem, I am more focused on the number than anything else. I wish it weren't so, but it's true. The number is more validating to me than whether or not I can comfortably wear my jeans, although the latter is a reward for former.

I was able to get in my Shred workout yesterday cause I brought it over to Rochelle's house to show it to her. Rochelle is my very dear friend who had her daughter 13 days after I had mine, and she stayed skinny her whole pregnancy. She is also the person who makes delicious baked goods and always brings them down to my house to share.

She. Must. Stop.

She fed me the most delicious side dish last week that I thought I would pass on to you. It's a super easy way to get in your oil and veggies.

Take a TBSP of olive oil, 2 TSP of garlic and sautee. Add in some Mann's Broccoli Cole Slaw and cook for a few minutes. Add a dash of salt and pepper for taste!

It's deeeeeelicious (as #1 would say).

I'm not sure what's on the menu for this evening. I may seek out a stew recipe cause the weather has been a bit chilly and The Husband has been asking for it.

Off to see if I can find a healthy version!

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Amber said...

Now look at you! I'm so proud of you, Leah!