Tuesday, December 16, 2008


That doesn't even begin to describe how the last 24 hours has gone.

I woke up again yesterday morning with horrible stomach cramping, unable to eat, and just wanting to sleep the day away. I had no fever or chills, and since this was not the first time I've felt like this in the last two weeks, I called the doctor.

She is afraid I am getting another stomach ulcer and wanted to put me on Prilosec for a few weeks to see if that helped. I asked her about whether or not nursing moms could take it, and she said "No." She wanted me to stop nursing in order to take it, but I'll refuse. I'll be talking to our pediatrician tomorrow about what to do because I'm simply NOT giving up after having worked so hard to establish a good breastfeeding relationship with #2. I failed with #1 and I'm NOT letting anything stop me with #2!

After I came home from the doc, I saw that The Husband wasn't feeling great either. Then, a few hours later The Little Little One projectile vomited all over herself and her playmat. (Thankfully, The Husband was in the room with her or I would have been in tears). So, MAYBE this is more of a stomach bug that won't go away than an ulcer. I'm feeling much better today, so we'll just have to see, I guess.

I weighed myself this morning wondering what an entire 36 hours of no food would do to me, and I was down to 167.2. I know that trying to eat a bit today will put some of that back on by my official weigh in tomorrow, but it was nice for the moment.

Christmas is officially a little over a week away and I'm almost done with my shopping. In fact, I may put the kids down tonight and go out to finish up. I'm definitely not looking forward to wrapping gifts, but it'll be worth it to see The Big Little One's face on Christmas morning.

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Amber said...

I'm sorry everyone's sick. Ugh! I'll be praying that it's not an ulcer again.