Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sugar Hangover

If there is such a thing as a sugar hangover, I am surely going to have one tomorrow. I've managed to down everything from cookie dough, to dark chocolate squares, to Sour Patch Kids to a delicious glass of Chardonnay. I am definitely going to pay for the over-indulgence, but I don't care. Food is definitely my comfort right now.

We had a spectacular Christmas, complete with an excited 2 year old opening as many gifts as possible, and a 4 month old cutting her 2nd tooth this week. It was pure joy to see my kid as excited as I could have ever imagined. He even dutifully told me last night NOT to forget the carrots for the reindeer. Be still my beating heart.

We are far away from family at Christmas, so as much as I'm excited, I'm also sad. On top of that, I especially miss my Daddy this time of year. I even found myself crying while we were eating our traditional Christmas morning breakfast -- the one he used to make for us growing up. It's amazing that seven years later I miss him just as much as I did the first year he was gone.

Anyhoo - as of yesterday, I was 167.2 - a loss of .6, but I know that I blew that out the window with the 10,000 calories I ate between yesterday and today. Sometimes it's worth it.

Merry Christmas!

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