Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My father, when he was alive, was an avid golfer who often missed school plays and awards ceremonies to play on his weekly golf league. He was actually not very good at it and spent many hours outside (and sometimes inside) working on his swings and putts. Mom still has the marks on her ceiling from the countless times he tried to perfect his swing.

Unfortunately, I married a man who was just as bad at it and who loves it just as much.

Anyhoo, I don't know much about the rules of the game, but I do know that a Mulligan is an unofficial way to get a second chance at doing something. Meaning, if you missed the ball or didn't like where your ball went you can call a Mulligan and get a do over and it didn't count against you. I'm sure that this isn't a real rule, but one that golfers like my Dad and husband use on a regular basis.

Well, today I'm calling a Mulligan for myself. I'm starting over.


I don't know what happened, because I really felt like I had restrained myself at Thanksgiving, but I managed to GAIN 2 pounds.


It must've been the stuffing I kept stuffing myself with. Or the crab dip I couldn't stay away from. Or the delicious buttery yams. Or the buttermilk pie I ate afterwards. Oh hell...it was probably all of that and more.

I haven't been drinking my water, either. Which makes a huge difference for me.

So...here I am. Back at the start. Again.

What's that old saying for smokers?

Never quit quitting.


Amber said...

Buttermilk pie?! You missy, held out on me. :P

(((hugs))) Don't give up. You inspire me and keep me going. You are a WW goddess!

Mary H. said...

I think we are all entitled to a "do-over". Just think, if we forgot to brush out teeth last night, would be give up and never do it again? Nope - it's the same with staying on whatever plan you're on - you'll have good days and you'll have not good days.

I also wanted to add that I notice on days that I do a big workout the night before weight in, I'm really puffy (wedding band tight, muscles feel tense) and hardly ever show a weight loss. I've always wondered because on the Biggest Loser, they show the "last chance" workout the day before weigh in and I wonder if they call it quits sometime in the afternoon before dinner time to load up on some water to flush their system. Or I wonder if they are getting massages, or saunas to release the build up of lactic acid in their muscles.

Wow - I'm thinking about this way too much. :)