Saturday, December 27, 2008

Infomercial Junkie

To know me is to know that I am a sucker for workout informercials. I have either bought or have had to talk myself out of buying almost every single thing on the market. I am ALWAYS looking for a new workout to try.

The obsession started way back in college with when I gained the Freshman 15 and about 10 of her friends. Tae Bo was purchased for me by an ex-boyfriend, and I honestly had only mentioned that I was curious about it. (Hmmm...wonder why THAT relationship didn't work.)

From there I've gone on to buy:

  • The Firm (just sold it at my garage sale)
  • Winsor Pilates (can't find all the tapes)
  • Tae Bo 2004 (never opened 3 of the 4 DVDs)
  • Yoga Booty Ballet (yeah, it was returned after the 1st workout)
  • Slim in 6 (still have it, but don't have the hour long time to devote to it)
  • The 30 Day Shred

I died over The Fluidity system (ballet bar), I've wanted the Bender Ball, I talked myself out of buying Core Secrets. If there is someone on TV showing me reults, I'm totally drawn in with credit card in hand, just waiting for that 800 number to show up.

So, suffice it to say, I am a junkie when it comes to home workout tapes.

The Husband knows full well of my obsession, too. He also knows of my dire need to get back to my old self. He SWEARS that I'm just as gorgeous now as I was as a size 4, but he knows I will never be happy with myself until I get back to my old weight.

This MUST be why he called my attention to Crunchless Abs this afternoon. I wasn't even paying attention and he HAD to tell me to watch it. It took a nanosecond to draw me in.

Well, of course I'm gonna want it, silly. You don't even have to do any crunches to get flat abs! A secret squirrel system for whittling your abs away? Count me in! Oh, and you're gonna knock off one of the payments? SOLD!

So, after the New Year's paycheck, I'm going to buy yet another home workout DVD. Money wasted? Nah. It's just another $10 tape to add to my collection. I'm justifying it by saying that it's a heck of a lot cheaper than joining a gym.

Gah, I wish being skinny came a lot easier than this.

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Amber said...

...and I have to pretend like I never read this post.

(fingers in ears... lalalalalalalala...)