Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Whine

Please excuse my attitdue because I need to whine for a bit.

I know that there are people in this country that are rightthisveryminute wishing for sun and warm temperatures as they dig their cars out from underneath snow and ice, while the frozen air slaps them in the face. I know that those people would cringe if they saw that I wrote this, but I don't care.

I can't believe it's a week till Christmas and I have my friggin air conditioning on. 75 degrees in December? REALLY? Humidity that makes #1's hair fluff out. Are you kidding me??

I miss the snow. I know it's crazy but I do. I don't miss it enough that I actually want to shovel it, but dang it, I miss the sight of it. I miss the chill in the air, having to curl up under blankets to keep warm, drinking hot chocolate just to get the chill out of your bones.

There is no chill in the air. In fact, I'm sitting here typing this in a tank top as the a/c kicks on. I guess that counts as chill, huh?

It's so hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it's warm like this. I'm from the Midwest, a frozen tundra from November till April. When we visited last month there was snow on the groud. My Mom took #1 outside and taught him how to make a snowball and he loved it. He asked me the other day if we could make a snowman. Um, yeah, out of cotton balls, if you want, sweetie.

I'm sure I'll get over this when the temperatures cool off a bit, but dangit, I need winter. Get me out of this place. I'm dying here.

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THEhooahwife said...

LOL, It is pretty warm here too.. I actually considered turning the AC on too!