Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Today I weigh 171.8 - that's up .8 pounds since 2 weeks ago. Not too shabby, I guess.

The week away was much harder than I thought it would be. I was diligent in bringing my WW folder with all my tools so I could stay on track, and never once did I open the dang thing. We only went out to eat once the whole week, but suffice it to say, I did my fair share of indulging while I was there.

I actually was completely wrong in my prediction that I would eat better with my own mom as opposed to my MIL. I attribute this to the fact that my Mom entertained people every day that we were there and she wants to make sure that people aren't hungry, so there's always an h'orderves platter out. I found myself eating cheese and crackers up the wazoo. She put out a whole spread on Sunday for my extended family, and while chatting away with my relatives, I was stuffing myself with crap. I'm a muli-tasker like that.

So, now, I am back on track only to be faced with Thanksgiving in one week. While planning our menu I found myself adding up the points in my head and secretly thinking that there would be no way I could eat everything we planned, until Amber stated that she wouldn't be counting points that day. I undoubtedly agreed. She pointed out that each of our weeks start that same day, so we'll have 60+ points to eat.

I will, however, still be careful with what I eat because my desire to look good has a stronger impact on me than I care to admit.

And now, it seems as though my DVD player has crapped out on me because it wouldn't play my workout. So, I couldn't even do my 30 Day Shred to try to make myself feel better about the .8 gain. I guess I will have to drown myself in water.

Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I will pull myself up by the proverbial boot straps and do what I can to reach my goal of 165 by the 30th. It seems almost impossible now, but I can at least try to put forth the effort. Usually, if I had seen the numbers go up I might just throw in the towel but I am determined to find myself under all this flab and fat.

Here we go, again...


Amber said...

Can you play the DVD on your laptop? You could at least do your workout and the definition of those girls' abs wouldn't be so good!

Most of our food choices aren't going to be too bad for Thanksgiving. Hopefully we'll be able to keep our eyes and our appetites in check. ;)

We might wanna wear tight sweatpants, though. LOL! I think that's one advantage to dressing up.

Mary H. said...

I totally forgot to weigh in today. I'll do it tomorrow. I agree - 60 points is a lot to spread around on Thanksgiving Day. I'm planning on posting in the next few days what my Turkey-day menu and diet plan for me are, since I'm cooking at my house.

Seriously, I know how hard this is and I applaud you for hanging in there.