Sunday, November 9, 2008

Off the Wagon

I was doing so well with this whole thing, and then I had to go and get a Gyro at Greek Fest yesterday. I've been in a downward spiral ever since. I only allowed myself 3 Loukoumades (Greek fried doughnut holes soaked in honey and topped with cinnamon powdered sugar) when The Husband got a small order, even though I could have eaten a large one all on my own. I did so well until we realized we ate too early in the day and we were famished after we put the kids in bed.

Oh, boy.

Let's just say that since then I've not counted a single point and I have no clue what I've eaten besides a bunch of granola bars.

Tomorrow begins a tough week of trying to make the right choices. We'll be out all day before our flights, so I'll have to eat fast food for lunch and dinner. I'm hoping I can squeeze some Subway in for one of those meals so I don't totally kill myself -- since I'm guessing I've eaten all of my Flex points for the week.

I'm just praying I can keep on program as much as possible. My mother in law loves to go out to eat, so I'm hoping that the fact that we're on the broke side will deter us from having to do that. I'm going to go to the grocery store and try to plan our dinners with her so I know what I'm having. It's easier to stay on track when we stay with my mom later in the week because she's a Lifetime WW member as well, so she knows that I want to try and be good.

Just keeping all crossables crossed that I can at least maintain all my hard work and not have to start all over again when we get back.



Amber said...

One day does NOT mean you fell off the wagon! You can do it! Make good choices today. Even if Subway isn't one of the stops, you can do it.

Hope you guys have a safe trip. I love ya!

vascotts said...

One day of splurging is not going to set you so off track you can't get back! Everyone needs a day like that every now and then! I'm sure you'll do fine back home - just make sure you remember it's more important for you to enjoy your trip, and have a good time. If you have a few things that you wouldn't normally eat - then so be it - it's called vacation for a reason! You'll do fine!! Just do a few extra sit ups or something when you get home. Be safe, and have a GREAT trip!!!

THEhooahwife said...

This post made me REALLY hungry! I hope your trip back home will go smoothly and you have an awesome time with everyone!