Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

I find it totally amazing that I'm not in too much pain today, after how long it took me to recover from the very first workout of 30 Day Shred. I am still struggling to make it through the whole workout without a break, and I find myself counting really slowly through the 5 seconds Jillian says we can take. You oneeeeeeeeeeee thooooooooooooousaaaaaand, two twoooooooooo thoooooooooooooousaaaaaaaaand...and so on.

That counts, doesn't it?

Still, I am doing it and I'm really feeling good about it. I have discovered, though, that I might need a sports bra after all. I have NEVER in my life had a chest this size and I never knew that it could hurt so much to do jumping jacks. Wow. Those suckers can really bounce when they're humungous.

It's like watching the opening credits of Baywatch, only sans the silicone. But, I digress.

I have been having a rough few days with The Big Little One and it's worn thin on my nerves. He turned 2 on Monday and it was like the switch got flipped. All of the sudden he decided that he doesn't want to listen to a word I say and I have spent much of the last couple of days shouting for him to get out of things. I never knew I could say one persons name so much in one day.

It's stressful to raise your kids without any help from grandparents, inlaws, siblings. I mean, I would give my left arm to be able to call my mother and tell her to come get her grandson this weekend so I can take a breather and regroup. I would cut my right one off for a night out ALONE with my husband. 24/7 I'm nonstop Mom. Not that I would change it for the world, but seriously, if you have the help, count your blessings.

Through my friend Tasha's blog, I found Friday Fill-Ins. I thought it was neat and I decided to share.

1. The last band I saw live was Rob Thomas when I was pregnant with #1 .
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is getting to watch my Detroit Lions on TV. (Yes, I am a real fan and, yes, we do exist.)
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is underway and I saved a ton of money already!
4. Thoughts of how I'm going to deal with the Terrible Two's fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear my size 4 pink skirt again, but I know it will never happen.
6. Bagpipes escorted us and our wedding guests through the Renaissance Festival to the castle for our dinner.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to putting the kids down and snuggling with The Husband, tomorrow my plans include #1's birthday dinner with his best friend and Sunday, I want to go to church!

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