Friday, October 31, 2008


It's an exciting day in our house. The Big Little One actually understands that he's going to dress up (as a homemade firefighter) and go Trunk-or-Treating at church. We are all counting down the hours until we can go! He keeps wanting to put on his coat, helmet and boots, but I'm making him hold out until we go because I made the costume and I'm afraid something might happen to it if he wears it all day!

I didn't have to go door to door to get my own treat this morning. I decided to check the scale after seeing two different numbers on Tuesday. I just wanted to be sure that it wasn't a fluke and I was actually 173.2 and not closer to 174 like the first number. Much to my surprise - today I am 172! WHAT? :) Yes, I said 172! I almost peed myself in excitement...which isn't hard to do these days considering the amount of water I've been drinking.

Today will be a challenge for this self-proclaimed candyaholic. I don't allow The Big Little One to have candy, so there won't be much actual Trick-or-Treating, but I need to be strong and resist eating all of what he gets! My favorites include Butterfingers, Mounds, anything gummy - oh, and Skittles. Did you know that the small size fun pack is only 1.5 points? Now, let's see if I can hold myself to only a couple of pieces.


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Amber said...

Way to go! You are amazing!

Have fun at the Trunk or Treat!