Friday, March 6, 2009


Listen all of y'all this is sabotage!

One bad day. One stinkin', stankin' bad day and I had to go and ruin everything.

I make one bad food choice based on emotions and then it turns into an avalanche of uncontrolled, horrendous eating that makes me feel better at the time, but ultimately makes me hate myself the next day. Then, I decide that since I blew it for 24 hours, there's no use in trying to be good, so I throw the whole week out the window.

I swear to you that I must be trying to sabotage my progress because it seems as if I do this whenever I get ahead. I turn to food as a crutch - as a comfort - and I just need to eat until I feel better. The greasier the food the faster it takes me to heal.

I had thought about giving up until I could start over tomorrow, especially cause we're having dinner with Daddy at work tonight, but I'm not. I'm back on my horse and hoping I can salvage what's left of my week and not cringe when I get on the scale tomorrow.

I have only a few weeks left until we return home for a visit and I really wanted to be sleek and slender, but that ain't gonna happen unless I stop sabotaging myself.

Get over yourself, Leah. Stop ruining all your hard work!

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